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Курс Red Hat DO409

Документ об окончании:
Международный сертификат RedHat
Международный сертификат Red Hat

Automation with Ansible II: Ansible Tower

Продолжительность обучения: 2 дня - 16 часов
Группа формируется по мере поступления заявок.
Стоимость курса DO409:
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Course content summary

  • Install Red Hat Ansible Tower.
  • Configure users and teams to access Ansible Tower resources using role-based access controls.
  • Use Ansible Tower to manage shared access to inventories and machine credentials.
  • Create job templates and workflow job templates to standardize playbook execution.
  • Launch playbooks and monitor and review job results using Ansible Tower.

Outline for this course

  • Install and access Ansible Tower
  • Explain what Red Hat Ansible Tower is and navigate and use its web user interface.
  • Manage access with users and teams
  • Create user accounts and organize them into teams in Red Hat Ansible Tower, and assign the users and teams permissions to administer and access resources in the Ansible Tower service.
  • Manage inventories and credentials
  • Create inventories of machines to manage, and configure credentials necessary for Red Hat Ansible Tower to log in and run Ansible jobs on those systems.
  • Manage projects and launch Ansible jobs
  • Create projects and job templates in the web UI, using them to launch Ansible playbooks that are stored in Git repositories in order to automate tasks on managed hosts.
  • Construct advanced job workflows
  • Use advanced features of job templates to improve performance, simplify customization of jobs, launch multiple jobs, schedule automatically recurring jobs, and provide notification of job results.
  • Manage advanced inventories
  • Manage inventories that are loaded from external files or generated dynamically from scripts or the Ansible Tower smart inventory feature.
  • Perform maintenance and routine administration of Ansible Tower
  • Demonstrate ability to deliver routine maintenance and administration of Ansible Tower.
  • Comprehensive review
  • Demonstrate skills learned in this course by configuring and operating a new organization in Ansible Tower using a provided specification, Ansible projects, and hosts to be provisioned and managed.

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